Mom, you’re doing a great job!

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This year, my husband & I decided to make the transition for me to stay home with our son rather than work a full time “out of home” job. 


At first, the transition was tough. I wondered what others would think of us? Would they think I was lazy? Would they think it was financially irresponsible? Would they assume we were taking advantage of handouts?


Then came the adjustment period...How exactly should I plan out my days? I didn’t want to be unbalanced & spend the entire day cleaning versus pouring time & attention into my son. I also didn’t want to lay around with him watching movies all day and let the house get sloppy either. Add a business into the mix and it proved to be a learning experience to say the least.


I started praying that God would help me to prioritize my life & find joy in doing the day to day tasks I was responsible for.


I started recalling the worries I had while I was working out of the home. Did my son resent me? Was I missing too much of his life? Was I giving him the best of me after a long day’s work? 


Really, what I am getting at in all of this is that a lot of us moms put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect & manage a perfect balance always, when in reality that isn’t attainable. 


My staying at home works for our family, where others may choose to work out of the home. Nobody is right or wrong here. We all are doing & prioritizing what we see as right for our family.  I have friends that still work & I hear their determination to build a future for their little one. I hear other stay at home moms talk about the memories they are building with their little ones.


Isn’t parenthood amazing? God has entrusted each of us with these lives to care for & He knew we would each approach it differently. Love other moms & remind one you know how great of a job they are doing today!

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