Let Your Face Match Your Message

Posted by Charity Sanders on

What message is your life speaking? Does it match with your actions. Are you rich but poor, saved but sad, gifted but greedy, talented but too busy, chosen but checked out, blessed but burned out, modest but no meekness?

When BLESSED people cry and complain, they need to be reminded for their face to match their message!

Recently our family went to Disney World in Florida. The heat index was a record high the day we chose to go. We had been preparing for months and bought Disney shirts that said “Best Day Ever”! We are so blessed and were getting ready to have a day only some people dream of. Our five year old, Judiann, started to struggle half way through the day. She let her circumstances (heat, long lines, fear of rides, big sisters and a bossy mom) rule her emotions. Instead of having the best day ever she was crying and letting the whole world know her frustration. We all stood around and laughed because her shirt made her actions such an oxymoron. Judiugs forgot she was having the best day ever! She forgot her message. How many times have we been going through life and secretly people are laughing at the message because it’s not matching up. We all need to remember how blessed we are and be careful not to muddle the message with cries and complaints.

My brother Shine inspired this blog.

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