Let Him In

My church had our Christmas Service this morning to celebrate the birth of Christ. While I’m sure this was common for a lot of churches across the country, I wanted to acknowledge something I appreciate about my church in particular. 

You see, my church has always stood out from the first service I attended back in 2007. I walked in and was completely shocked by everyone gravitating to the altar to worship, everyone’s beautiful attire, the volume of the music and the passion behind the preaching! I had never seen anything like it before.

Growing up, I had always believed in God, but never had a relationship with Him. I always thought “everything happens for a reason,” but I never gave that power and credit to God. If I’m being honest, I never felt like I was missing out on anything by not attending church regularly and none of the church-going kids I went to school with seemed to have anything I felt was spectacular.

Cue Lake Land College. It was my first semester there and I was attending an evening Psychology class. Side note: I could have received full ride scholarships to other colleges, but was always insistent on going to this school for some reason! Anyway, I was there in class and the teacher went through the typical “first night” ritual of having each student introduce themselves & say some things about themselves. It was here that I met three boys that changed my life forever.

These boys were funny, witty and overall very nice. They invited me to play volleyball with their youth group and it was there that I met what would be a group of my closest friends in the coming years. I fell in love with their personality. Each was so genuine and most of all, they were secure and confident in who they were. I had never had so much fun outside of partying or drinking before and I felt instantly at home.  

I started dating one of the boys and he explained that he would like me to come to church if we were going to continue seeing each other. I know I know, coming to church for a boy right? Well, honestly, I think God knew exactly what He was doing. The boy and I didn’t date long, but my church attendance continued regardless. 

I remember sitting in a Wednesday night service and asking myself “are you going to keep coming?” I looked around and saw so much inspiration and thought there was no way I could ever go back to the way I was before. I decided to keep coming. 

Since making this decision, I have grown in God and am now involved in multiple church ministries, including teaching Sunday School! I have witnessed miracles and my life has been blessed abundantly. 

I decided to tell you all my testimony because my church reminded me today that God can work a miracle in anyone’s life if they are willing to “Let Him In”. It may be in the form of attending a special service, a youth event, a holiday service or even an outreach event. God used my future husband as one of the three boys that reached out to me & I couldn’t have picked a more perfect reminder that God can use me to reach others as well. 

I’m praying that if you’re reading this, you consider letting God in this Christmas Season. Let him into your thoughts, your home, your trials, your relationships and your heart! Merry Christmas to all! 

Love Tiffany

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