The Do’s & Don’ts after Miscarriage

Posted by Charity Sanders on

I have always wondered how I would react if I lost my baby during pregnancy. I have always questioned what the process would be for me. I have always worried that it may happen to me...and it did.

Now that I have gone through this experience, I thought I would provide everyone with a “Dos & Don’ts” list for how to interact with me going forward...

Don’t quit posting pictures of your beautiful babies.
Don’t quit talking to me about your children.
Don’t apologize to me for your pregnancy.
Don’t avoid conversations about babies.
Don’t stop trusting God for me.

Do pray for me (I will take as many prayers as I can).
Do encourage me that I can handle this.
Do trust that I am trusting God through this.
Do understand that you’re not alone if this has happened to you {I’m here to pray for you too}.
Do believe that everything happens in His perfect time.
Do know that we are all loved by a God that knows what we can & cant handle.

I have an angel waiting for me. I have more reason to stay in this fight & finish it. I have trust in my God who strengthens me. I love you all & am so thankful for your love & prayers!

God Bless,

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