We see you moms...

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We see you...

Letting your hair go unwashed for the day because you're running behind after spending an hour deciding on what outfits your children will wear. Putting off that pedicure for yet another week because your children have homework or sports every night. Going through your closet for a third time this morning as if you'll miraculously find clothes in there that haven't been ruined by spit up or sticky fingers. Googling symptoms to try and talk yourself out of going to the ER every time your child runs a fever. Looking at your spouse like he is the most attractive man ever when he volunteers to cook or do dishes for you. Crying because you have received yet another opinion on how to raise your children. Stressing because you don't know if you are doing it right. Disliking your body because it doesn't look like nor can it keep up with its previous version. 

We see that motherhood is about the every day sacrifices you make. Motherhood is poorly groomed nails, greasy hair, messy houses, wishful thinking, lack of sleep, messed up clothes and forgetful minds. 

We love and appreciate all moms out there who are willing to make the sacrifice. It pays off! When your child finally gets the hang of potty training, when they get the good grade on their report, when they graduate with honors, when they make a new friend or when they simply tell you at the end of the day "I had fun today"...it is all worth it! 

Happy Mother's Day to the ones who give of themselves sacrificially all year round!

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