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Goals and achievement.
To Do.
Naughty and Nice.
Pros and cons.
The list of lists go on and on...

It seems like at our house, lists get us through life or at least help us show up to the right places when we need to with the right stuff at the right time. Creating lists of where I want to travel and places I want to adventure with my family excite me. Cleaning supplies and tasks I dread are lists I avoid creating.

We have 6 schedules to keep up with at our house and that is just our immediate family. Lists help us focus and accomplish success even if the task of creating the list is wearisome.

A huge positive about lists is they narrow ones focus. Concise short lists help me not be overwhelmed and also be less forgetful. My husband Cory is always discussing business and repeats over and over, “if it’s going to be your future it has got to be your present”! Such a true statement! Lists help me keep focused on my future while crossing off list items in my present.

I would imagine most MD customers have participated in some kind of list during their life. Recently, I was inspired to brainstorm a unique list. A Modest Direct list. I wondered if having an online boutique was helpful and worth it. Consequently, a “Top 10” list of why I think you should shop with us and what we have to offer is what I came up with.

10.Affordable yet trendy clothes
9.Website and mobile version are user friendly
8.Inventory remains fresh
7.Owners are committed to modesty
6.Live Sales
0. Beautiful models
4.Professionals can stay stylish yet modest
3.Direct Access parties :We bring our store to you via conferences and local shopping days
2.Customer Service is and friendly!
1.Sales are always Wonderful

Let us know what list item you agree with! Can you think of any to add?

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