Holidays can be Hard

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Easter bunny pictures, seasonal aisle changes at Walmart, social media posts, family guessed it! Another major holiday is coming up. Going through life at the fast pace we are accustomed to, it's easy to overlook one simple fact: holidays can be hard. They can be hard on us as individuals: the drain of energy, the commitment of time, the stress of finding the perfect matching outfits. They can be hard on families: the disagreement on meals, the hard to sync schedules, the difference of beliefs. They can be hard on relationships: the lack of time, the miscommunication about plans, the expectations that social media has placed on us. 

Maybe it's because I'm transitioning into a new stage in life & have spent more time reflecting, but I came to this simple, yet overlooked reality this Spring & have decided that I am going to call out this world for its lack of empathy when it comes to holidays!

Where are the signs in the store that say "we know it's hard to bake when you have toddlers, so we helped!" or "let us take the stress out of your shopping - here's a suggested grocery list for common dishes" (side note: I could totally go into marketing!) But honestly, I think that our world overall has become so fast paced that we forget how many different stages of life we all endure. I mean where are the recipes that show you how to cook for one if you're newly widowed at 70? And the gas prices? Yikes! It gets harder & harder to spend holidays with family from out of state.

I know what you're thinking, why complain - do something! I am & you can to! When you head to the store for your 5th time this month because you inevitably forgot the something again...have a simple conversation with the older gentleman in the check out lane. He may have lost his wife this year and is lonely. When you are in the drive thru because let's face it,  you know you have a lot of cooking in your future so you don't want to cook it forward for the car behind you. They may not have anywhere to go for a holiday meal. When you're stressed because your kids' outfits don't match or they got them dirty, give them an extra hug & embrace the craziness...because someone lost their baby this holiday season. 

The holidays can be hard, but with our help, they can be easier this season. What better a time than this Easter season to show God's love in simple, yet powerful ways! Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter Holiday! I'm praying you feel love from God, even when you're in your hard season.

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