Customer Relationships

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When we originally set out on this business venture, we knew what we wanted to achieve because we knew the likes & dislikes of what we have dealt with in other businesses.

When placing orders, we knew we appreciated communication more than anything. Where was our order? What is the time frame? What can be done to fix a problem, etc? 

We also knew we appreciated courtesy. Are they treating me with kindness? Do they appreciate my business? Do they value my money spent with them?

When dealing with our customers, we hope to deliver on the needs that we do desperately have ourselves. We want them to know we appreciate their support, we love to hear from them, we want to deliver for them, we care to keep them informed! 

Basically, our customers are the reason we do what we do. We WANT to make modest fashion affordable & attainable to many more! We WANT to form new relationships & friendships on this journey! We WANT to celebrate big & little things with everyone we meet! 

This business is about more than us. It’s about our customers. We love hearing from you! Tell is below what your #1 need I’m dealing with a business is ❤️

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